About The Entrepreneur Pathway Soft Launch In Manitoba

Interim Soft Launch Business Investor Stream Process for Manitoba Entrepreneurs

An interim application process for the Business Investor Stream Entrepreneur Pathway has been started by the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP).

The Entrepreneur Pathway and the Farm Investor Pathway are two options available through BIS. To apply for the Business Entrepreneur Pathway, complete the steps below. Separately, the Farm Investor Pathway is described.

Pathway For Entrepreneurs

The new Entrepreneur Pathway takes the place of the old MPNP-B stream. It enables Manitoba to recruit and nominate competent business professionals from all over the world who have the desire and ability to relocate to Manitoba and start, buy, or join an existing firm within the first 24 months of arriving in Canada on a temporary work permit. The Manitoba Government no longer requires applicants to post a $100,000 deposit.

Criterion Requirement Minimum
Experience in the Business

Minimum of three years of full-time job experience in the last five years, either as a successful business owner or in a senior management position. In compared to senior managers, business owners are granted more points.

To get points, business owners must own at least 33 1/3 percent of the company.

Proficiency in Official Languages CLB/NCLC 5 as a minimum

Equivalent of a Canadian high school diploma

Age There is no minimum or maximum age; nevertheless, candidates between 25 to 49 receive more ranking points.
Investment in a company

For firms in the Manitoba Capital Region, the minimum investment is $250,000. If a company is located outside of the Manitoba Capital Region, the minimum investment is $150,000.

Investments in qualifying businesses as defined by the MPNP must be made.

The proposed business must produce or sustain at least one job for a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Manitoba (excluding the business's owners and/or close family).

Visit for Business Research A Business Plan is required as part of the application. An applicant might undertake thorough study on their possible business investment or proposal during a business research tour. The Business Research Visit must take place no more than one year before the EOI is submitted.

You will receive points if you:

• Your partner has a CLB/NCLC level of 5 or above;
• In the Second Official Language, you or your spouse have a CLB/NCLC 5 or higher;
• You, your spouse, or your common-law partner, have had a close relative in Manitoba for more than a year;
• Your child has been enrolled in a recognised Manitoba educational institution for at least six months and is actively pursuing academic, professional, or vocational training on a full-time basis; and/or
• You or your accompanying spouse or common-law partner have completed a full-time programme of study at a Manitoba post-secondary school for at least one year. You must have done this with your accompanying spouse or common-law partner when you reached 17 years old and with a valid study permission;


You or your accompanying spouse or common-law partner have worked continuously full-time in Manitoba for at least six months. A letter of recommendation from the employer as well as a copy of the work permit are required.
Estimated Net Worth A minimum of $500,000 is required. A third-party supplier recognised by the MPNP will verify your personal net worth. Within 120 days after getting your LAA, you must submit a verification report together with your application to the MPNP.
Agreement on Business Performance Prior to the MPNP granting you a letter of support for applying for a work permit, you must sign a Business Performance Agreement (BPA) after your application has been approved.

Overview of the Procedure

Step-1 Self-evaluation is the first step.

Make sure you meet the Entrepreneur Pathway’s minimal requirements, which include business experience, official language fluency, education, age, and net worth.

Step 2: Investigate and Research Your Business Idea

The process’s exploratory and research phases might begin right away. While internet-based research is a good place to start, you’ll need to go on an in-person exploratory visit to perform enough business research to back up your plan and application. You are also urged to attend the ImmigrationPrograms Branch of the Immigration and Economic Opportunities Division’s business seminars. You might want to submit a Business Concept to the MPNP based on your research and the results of your self-assessment.

Step 3: Fill out an Expression of Interest form.

After you’ve finished your market research in Manitoba, you can submit the following:

  • Form for Business Concept,
  • Form for Self-Evaluation

Step 4 – Submit a complete application.

The MPNP will issue you an official Letter of Advice to Apply if you are chosen to proceed to the next level (LAA). You must choose one of two recognised Third Party service providers as the initial step in completing your MPNP application. You have 120 days from the date you obtain a LAA from the MPNP to submit a complete application package to the MPNP, which includes a non-refundable $2,500 CAD application processing cost.

Step 5 - ApplicantAssessment is the fifth step.

Your entire application will be thoroughly evaluated by the MPNP. As needed, the MPNP will contact you for an interview to examine your Business Plan and other parts of your application. If your application raises any issues during the evaluation, the MPNP will give you a Procedural Fairness Letter (PFL), which you must respond to by the specified deadline. The MPNP will reject your application if your response does not address all of the concerns raised in the PFL. You will receive a notice with approval in principle if your application fits all of the MPNP’s standards. You must sign a Business Performance Arrangement (BPA) as part of the approval process, which will function as a contractual agreement between you and the MPNP. After you sign the BPA, the MPNP will send you a Letter of Support to add with your application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for a Temporary Work Permit (IRCC).

Step 6 – Run your business while adhering to your BPAConditions

MPNP immigration officers are available to answer any questions you may have about your BPA and the MPNP nomination criteria after you have reported to the MPNP as needed. You are obligated to produce regular progress reports to the MPNP as stipulated in your BPA.

Support for Starting a Business After Approval

You can make meetings with the Immigration and Economic Opportunities Division’s Business Consulting Unit (BCU) at any time after you arrive in Manitoba. The BCU’s Business Consulting Officers can help you build a successful business in Manitoba by providing information, feedback, and direction. They may also refer you to a variety of other business and settlement resources according on your individual needs.

Step 7 – Wait for the MPNP to nominate you.

When the MPNP has verified that you have successfully satisfied the BPA’s terms and conditions, the MPNP will issue you a Certificate of Nomination, which will be shared with IRCC, as well as instructions on how to apply for a Permanent Resident Visa through IRCC.

Pathway For Farm Investors

The Farm Investor Pathway (FIP) is a new initiative that replaces the old Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative. Individuals with demonstrated farm business experience, sufficient available funds to invest, and plans to build and maintain a farm operation in rural Manitoba are eligible for the Pathway.

Successful FIP applicants are expected to start a farm business in rural Manitoba, providing primary goods that are compatible with the province’s current agricultural industry. The type of activity and investment must be in line with provincial statistics and relevant to Manitoba’s agricultural sector. The Entrepreneur Pathway may be applicable to agribusiness operations that do not produce primary products.

Criterion Requirement Minimum
Experience in the Agriculture Industry Three years of farm ownership and operating experience with credible papers is required.
Proficiency in Official Languages Language skills in either of Canada's two official languages are a crucial adaptability skill that will speed up your capacity to become economically established in rural Manitoba, according to the Farm Investor Pathway (FIP). If you are invited to a FIP interview, you must conduct the interview in one of two languages: French or English.
Investment in Farming

At the very least $300,000. In rural Manitoba, you are expected to start a farming business. In order to be eligible for the MPNP, farm business investments must be ineligible tangible assets.

A farm business plan is required as part of the application process.

Investing in a farm operation solely for the goal of generating passive investment income or for speculative motives is not permitted.

Visit to a farm for research You must go to Manitoba for a Farm Business Research Visit.
Agricultural Business Activities

In rural Manitoba, a farm business entity should have ongoing and recurrent business activity. From Manitoba, you must reside on the farm and actively engage in the running of the farm company on a regular basis.

Inactive primary agriculture productivity and economic viability are required of the farm business.

You must conduct value-added farm business activities in Manitoba to be eligible for the MPNP. The MPNP does not allow for purely speculative activity or the use of third-party farm managers.

Adaptability of the Economic Establishment You must show adaptability in terms of practical farming skills, technical knowledge, and experience in technologically based agricultural operations that will directly transfer to Manitoba's core farm producing industry.
Estimated Net Worth

At the very least $500,000 The MPNP may ask an authorised third-party service provider to verify your net worth and financial information.

If asked, the verification report must be provided to the MPNP along with your application within 120 days of receiving your Invitation to Apply.

The Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway Kit contains information on how to become a farmer investor in Manitoba.

The Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway Guidelines Kit explains the program’s eligibility requirements and procedures (FIP).

Overview of the Interest Process

1. Investigate and learn about Manitoba’s Farm Business.

Visit Manitoba to conduct farm business research. You may consider submitting your interest Guidelines and Farm Business ConceptForms to the FIP based on your study findings and your self-assessment of the FIP eligibility criteria.

2. Fill out the Farm Business Concept and Interest Guidelines forms.

Describe how you meet the minimal FIP eligibility criteria using the Interest Guidelines and Farm Business Concept forms.

3. Send your paperwork to the MPNP.

Your Interest Guidelines and Farm Business Conceptforms will be evaluated by the MPNP to establish your eligibility for the FIP. If the MPNP concludes that you are suitable and have the potential to make a long-term economic contribution to rural Manitoba, you will be invited to meet with a Business Immigration Officer for a personal interview (BIO).

Get a Letter of Recommendation to Apply

The MPNP will notify you by official letter if the outcome of your interview with a BIO determines that your practical farming skills, technical knowledge, and experience in technologically based farming practises are immediately transferable to rural Manitoba and that your nomination can result in a long-term economic contribution to rural Manitoba. A Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) to the FIP will be included in the formal letter.

Overview of the Nominations Process

You must commit to living in rural Manitoba with your dependents, operating a farm business in rural Manitoba, and taking an active managerial position in that farm business as an application. Before proposing nomination, an MPNP Program Officer must be convinced of an applicant’s intention to live in rural Manitoba and conduct farm primary production there.

4. Fill out and submit your FIP Nomination Form.

If you obtain a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA), you have 120 days from the date of the LAA to submit your completed FIP Nomination Application. After 120 days, applications will be returned unprocessed. Copies of all needed documents, as well as the CAD $2,500 Application Fees, must be included with your completed application. The $2,500 charge must be paid to the Manitoba Development Corporation in Canadian Dollars.

5. Evaluation of your nomination for the FIP

A confirmation letter will be sent once a complete FIP Nomination Application has been received. FIP and MPNP criteria will be used to evaluate the FIP Nomination Application. When your application is submitted, the MPNP will review it thoroughly, including your Farm Business Plan and a designated Third Party report (if needed) establishing your net worth and source of cash. If necessary, the MPNP will contact you to schedule an interview to examine your Farm Business Plan and other areas of your application.

Fill out the Deposit Agreement. If your candidacy is approved, you will be required to sign a Deposit Agreement and remit a CAD$75,000 deposit to the Manitoba Development Corporation.

6. Submit an application for permanent residence

You will be required to submit your original Permanent Resident application to the Central Intake Office (CIO) in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, after receiving a signed Deposit Agreement and a CAD$75,000 deposit. The MPNP will mail you a Nomination Certificate showing that you have been nominated by the MPNP. Following further screening, the CIO will transmit the application to a designated Canadian Visa Office abroad, which will provide instructions on medical examinations and security clearances, as well as award the Permanent Residence Visa if the results are satisfactory.

7. Create a farm company in Manitoba.

Within 30 days of your arrival as a Permanent Resident, you must report to the MPNP Offices to present your new contact information (address, telephone, email).